Reasons To Franchise 2 of 7 – Training & Support

April 18, 2022 Off By MMORex

Training & Support
The second reason I support franchising, and where I think franchising is a very important aspect of success. You get a level of support and training you wouldn’t get otherwise. If you go into business for yourself, often times it’s a very lonely road. I’ve often said that being a business owner is the loneliest job in the world, because who can you talk to?

The greatest thing about a franchise, is you get a support network, you get a team of people. You get training and support. The training of how to run the business, how to do the business, how to build the product, sell the product. All of that needs to be taken into consideration.
What would it cost you to NOT have that training is probably the biggest question you can ask yourself. How many businesses fail because they didn’t get that training, they didn’t get the ongoing support. Support can be in customer service, it could be in sales or marketing, it could be in product purchasing. I’m on the board of a franchise call Urban Clean.

In that one there, the level of support we give our franchisees in sales marketing and getting customers is so massive. Another business of mine that’s in franchising…Luv 4 Marketing. Phenomenal business, but the level of training, and updated information is so important. That level of support and training is very important for any franchise organization. It’s very important to understand that when you go into a franchise, when you want to be a success entrepreneurially you’ve got to look at what is the support level, what is the training level that’s it’s going to be about.

In ActionCOACH, one of my first ever franchises. Now ActionCOACH is in 64 countries around the world, just opening in Japan. I sit down and I look at it, we do 10 days upfront training with our new franchisees, on top of 90 days of off site training where they have to do online learning and all those things.

So remember, the training is a very important aspect of how you succeed as a franchisee in any business.

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